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2005 String Quartet no. 3

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  • I. Andante – Allegro ma non Troppo [listen]
  • II. Two Egrets – Quiet Motion [listen]
  • III. Allegro Moderato – Fugue [listen]
  • IV. Moderato – Meno Mosso [listen]

This composition is inspired by a series of incomplete pieces by composer Glenn Glasow, one of my music mentors. The composition is a dialogue between two voices: the master and the student. They are trying to reconnect by telling each other everything was not said. The young composer revisits and re-harmonizes the teacher melodic lines. In a benevolent competition with the master, the student realizes that he is no longer a student. He is walking his own path.

This piece is dedicated to the memory of Professor Dr. Glenn Glasow.

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