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1998 Jesi in Festa - Scherzo Musicale per Orchestra

[view score] [listen] Available from Canticle Distributing

Jesi is an exciting little town along the Adriatic Coast of Central Italy. It is where I grew up, where I lived most of my life, and where my dearest friends still are. In September Jesi hosts an exhilarating festival called Le Fiere di San Settimio. For three days, a gigantic flea market invades every corner of the town, bands play up and down the streets, folk music groups perform local songs, choirs sing inside churches, and kids play in the streets. Jesi in Festa tries to re-create that atmosphere. The composition is embedded with tunes I remember hearing during those festive days. In this composition, one can hear the Jesi Band roaming up and down the streets, the Regina Della Pace choir singing in the church, the Music Folk Group La Macina singing local songs, and if one is careful, he can even hear the street vendors trying to sell you something. Due to its complexity and to the juxtaposition of different themes and colors, I consider this composition a masterpiece of orchestration. A great addition to any orchestra concert.


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