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2007 Introitus - An American Overture

[view score] [listen]  Available from Canticle Distributing

The word Introitus, “entrance” refers to the opening of the celebration of the Roman Catholic Mass, specifically to the antiphon that is spoken or sung at the beginning of the celebration. In the musical idiom of Gregorian chant, the Introitus normally took the form of antiphon-verse-antiphon, and it was sung by two choirs. A slow modal melody is presented at the beginning of the composition in the string section, interrelated by the brass. A transgressive rhythm takes us away from the heavenly beginning while elements of jazz will capture the modernity of the composition. However, this frantically ambiguous contrast, almost a provocation for the listener, it is nothing but the development of the slow introduction; the musical elements of the initial melody are expanded with composition techniques such as the fugue, countermelodies and anxious rhythms. The under title, “An American Overture” was meant as a claim for the composer American experience – often his music is labeled as “Italian” when performed in the States and “American” when performed in Italy. The composition was commissioned by the “Filarmonica Marchigiana” Orchestra in Italy. Introitus has two versions: chamber orchestra, and symphony orchestra

The composition is also available for Full Symphony Orchestra

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