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2000 Divertimento for Band

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Divertimento per Banda was written in the year 2000 for the Stanford University Wind-Ensemble. The composition has an Italian flavor, but it also exhibits an American influence. Italian folk tunes from the composer’s native town of Jesi are mixed with elements of the American Blues. At times, those tunes are elaborated with contrapuntal techniques; sometimes, the tunes are distorted in a bizarre, fantastic and grotesque way. The composer has attempted to convey his memories to go back to when his grandfather played accordion at home and everyone was sitting around him singing. The exactness of those tunes may have been lost over time in the composer’s memories or they have changed as a result of his new America imagination. The attentive listener will hear the peculiar beginning of a fantastic Fellini movie, jazz elements mixed with the folk tunes and the accordion playing a waltz while Italian peasants are dancing around the player.

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